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Washington & Jefferson College's Admission Staff seeks candidates with uncommon integrity, 学术卓越与承诺, 兴趣和背景也各不相同. We review and evaluate your application on the basis of its merits. 您可以使用W申请&J应用程序或通用应用程序. All applications are treated equally, regardless of submission format.

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Learn more about the factors our Admission Staff consider when we review your application, 需要哪些材料?, and deadlines for early decision and regular decision applications.



如果你是一名国际学生, transfer student, exchange student, 自愿退学的学生, 或者不是全日制学位的学生, 澳门葡京博彩软件有不同的申请和截止日期.

学生在阿迪朗达克椅子在校园外的老主要在杂酚油影响照片拍摄5月1日, 2019年华盛顿 & Jefferson College.


在您提交在线申请之后, there are a couple more steps on your path to becoming a President.

5月1日,学生们与乔治·华盛顿和托马斯·杰斐逊的雕像合影留念, 2019年华盛顿 & Jefferson College.


You are not required to submit test scores (SAT or ACT) as a part of the Washington & 杰弗逊学院录取流程. 澳门葡京博彩软件相信与杰出教师的接触, 参与课堂活动, 勤奋的学习习惯, and a strong desire to excel drive academic success at Washington & Jefferson College. 考试只是衡量潜在学业成功的众多标准之一,而且往往不是最有力的标准. 如果您选择分数可选的应用程序替代方案, 你的申请将得到充分考虑, 入学没有不利条件.